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“The Only Realistic Solution”

I am 53 years old, and was mentored to use integrated thinking as a youth by my step-father. He instilled traits moral & ethical, prepared me as best he could for me to face the realities and illusions of the world I believe he knew to be the anti-civilization. Too many similarities in his instruction to me as a youth and those of Neo-Tech, T.L. and The Secret Society.” I cannot reasonably discount he held the 3000 old Secrets and began to delivery the essence of them to me, despite his never having said it.

I learned good business ethics,respect for money requiring earning it to appreciate it’s value. Also cultivated in me was encouragement of my already inquisitive nature and was advised by him to constantly seek out similarities (common denominators), cross reference them with other experiences or knowledge (TRUTH) expressing this would help me to discern truth.
Only now after being contacted and embraced by The Neo-think Society, have I realized the full significance of his gifts to me, his moral fiber & honesty, the complete importance or implications of the extreme value he created in me.
Sure, I was aware I became extremely intuitive, innovative and integrative thinking was inherent in me, & realized that the only stupid questions were the one’s which were not asked.

I loved learning, everything I could. This guide me through elementary school straight A’s in Art, Science, History, Math, Literature, Geography, Electron flow, electronic principle and discrete components ,a/c & d/c principles were taught to me at home and I often went to work with him. He taught me to be competitive but also to act fairly with good judgment.
I had a telescope, microscope and a chemistry set of my own and was guided to in all my inquisitiveness to explore , ( like the children in Miss Annabelle’s class. Experimentation was encouraged as was the mindset “resolve any questions, I had by expending my resources before asking for answers, first expend my own resources, thus he had taught me to use integrated thinking.” If I did have to ask a question he always knew the answer, but would ask if I had tried to find the answer in this way or that way. I was
able to reference most everything on my own and seldom had to ask , however he was generous in broadening my knowledge and would point out new Wisdom and Knowledge often. I’m sure now he knew how excited I was to learn , how happy it made me. Honestly I believe that brought his happiness too.
I realize now he had instructed me to me a Self-Leader(independent thinker), to make reasonable assumption based on all sources or prior knowledge, seeking out similarities (common denominators), if I thought significant or not(seek common denominators), have a reasonable expectation of what I will or expect to find, use this as my basic hypothesis and build or subtract from this ( division of essence),(nitty-gritty)& (digging in).

He also advised me to seek direction from nature, that repetitions could be found all around me, if I only look for them. (NATURAL LAW)
He also instilled great “confidence” & “competence”, at an early age stating
“I can succeed in anything in life if I want it enough& apply myself to attain it.(down-stream focus” and application to “area of purpose”.)

I had learned integrated thinking as an Elementary School student to develop my own synopsis and work backwards from it to add or subtract (division of Essence as applied to Laws of Nature and in accordance with the Laws of Physics.”

His teaching will never be lost nor memory of him. No question in my mind I was destined to be an integral part of Civilization of the Universe and join my soul-mates. Fortunately Civilization of the Universe was Searching for me.

The rest of the story is at 13 dysfunc-
tionality became my life. They divorced and I was moved from school to school. The straight A’s from before and study habits helped but my mother married & divorced over a half dozen times in my life. I stopped counting and don’t even know all their names .Leaving that dysfunctional home and hitch-hiking across the country to Louisiana, I became a road scholar. I worked out of a labor camp at various jobs onshore and offshore with the identification produced by the work camp for me to allow me to work.
This continued until I caught pneumonia moving Oil Drill bits off barges in the swamp.
Eventually I made it to Los Angeles the long route. Here I started working in sales promoted several times to manager and district manager, before putting myself through college earning Associate Science Technology in Electronic Engineering (laser. microwave, fiber-optics & pulse communications then
Bachelor Applied Science Technology in Automated Manufacturing and Robotics.

I’ve been active member of SAG-AFTRA Guild for 20 years and studied production and direction for Video and Television and non-Linear Editing . I also attended Van Mar Academy of Television and Motion Pictures, and worked in construction in various details including as a Steel Frame Drywall Carpenter.
Worse thing occurred but fortunately 10 years ago I was in a multiple-rollover losing cognitive function and memory loss as well as getting tore up from the floor up .
I’ve healed cognitively, and body healing .
Fortunately I am rejoining Civilization through Society of Secrets and look forward to a real LIFE.

I love you all,
Steven F.



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